After “exhausting” the KPT Filter, I stumbled upon the first commercial Fractal application for Macintosh Artmatic from UI Software. Many of the images in the galleries have been postprocessed with the KPT Filters, Bryce (now from DAZ 3D) and Studio Artist (from Synthetik).

Artmatic Gallery 1: First experimentations with version 1 of Artmatic in 2000.

Artmatic Gallery 2: More experimentations in 2000.

Artmatic Gallery 3: I really did a lot in 2001.

Artmatic Gallery 4: More images from 2001.

Artmatic Gallery 5: Still from 2001.

Artmatic Gallery 6: And the rest from 2001.

Artmatic Gallery 7: Images from 2002.

Artmatic Gallery 8: And more images from 2003 - 2007.

Artmatic Gallery 8: Images from 2007.


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